Pembroke Real Estate is strongly committed to owning and developing distinct, high quality properties in an environmentally conscious and sustainable manner. As long-term investors, we understand that the advantages associated with resource reduction, energy efficiency and improving the quality of the workplace environment are measured over the life of the property and strengthen the sustainability of our investments. Our goal is to continually implement proven sustainable solutions that benefit our tenants, investors and the greater communities in which our projects are located.


Alternative Transportation
255 State Street is serviced by the MBTA Blue Line and Rowes Wharf Water Transportation Company, a private water transportation company that provides service between the Seaport District, New England Aquarium and Rowes Wharf. The MBTA Blue Line is part of Boston’s subway system, which provides access to the greater Boston metropolitan area.
255 State Street has two bike racks located at the curb line at the building’s main entrance with a 10-bike capacity. Fitness Center shower facilities are located next door at the Long Wharf Hotel and are available for a fee paid directly to the Fitness Center.
Discounted ZipCar memberships are available to all 255 State Street tenants.
Green Exterior Management
255 State Street’s CBRE management team works with Valley Crest Landscaping to maintain the native plantings in the beds on the State Street side of building that are resistant to salt air, high winds and other weather conditions typically found along the New England Coast. Planting and tree maintenance waste is also recycled.
255 State Street snow removal crews reduce the need for de-icing chemicals by using large snow brushes attached to motorized equipment to keep walkways clear.
255 State Street snow removal crews, when necessary, use de-icing materials that consist of magnesium chloride, which is a less toxic and less damaging chemical compound to plants, concrete, carpeting and hard surfaces.


Water Efficient Landscape
255 State Street ’s CBRE management team and Valley Crest Landscaping maintain existing drip sprinkler modifications that have improved efficiency while providing necessary ground coverage in the planting beds on State Street.
Water Efficient Restrooms
255 State Street complies with EPA Energy Act 1992 (LEED EB requirement). In addition, engineers have installed green handles providing dual flow options on all toilets and restroom faucet aerators that use one-half gallon (.5) per minute by adding air to the water flow, thereby giving the effect of more water flow with fewer resources utilized. To further conserve water, waterless and low flow urinals are also being tested.


255 State Street engineers and consultants are working together to satisfy ENERGY STAR requirements for minimum LEED certification. This is being accomplished by reviewing the HVAC System Sequence of Operation, the programming of the Building Management System software and looking for energy efficient opportunities.
255 State Street air handlers and pumps utilize variable frequency drives (VFDs) that control the speed of the HVAC equipment and maximize the energy efficiency of the HVAC system. In addition, the VFDs help maximize and extend the useful life of the equipment.
255 State Street has an Andover Controls direct digital control system that monitors and adjusts the HVAC equipment as necessary to control outside air flow for maximum efficiency while maintaining tenant comfort in all office spaces.




Source Reduction
255 State Street uses toilet tissues and towels with high recycled fiber content.
The use of Scott S-fold paper towels in the lavatories reduces costs due to the reduction in occupant usage. C-fold paper towels are used at 3.2 sheets per person, while S-folds are consumed at a rate of 1.7 sheets per person.
Converting to Coreless toilet paper tissue saves costs and waste due to the reduction in unused tissue sheets. Standard rolled toilet paper is discarded by the janitorial staff with 40-80 sheets remaining. Coreless is discarded with 10-12 sheets remaining.
Sustainable Cleaning Products and Materials
255 State Street uses Green Seal cleaning products. Green Seal awards certification to products that have the least impact on the environment and perform as well as or better than similar, non-green products. Green Seal’s website states “Green Seal is an independent, nonprofit organization that strives to achieve a healthier and cleaner environment by identifying and promoting products and services that cause less toxic pollution and waste, conserve resources and habitats and minimize global warming and ozone depletion.”
In addition to using bio-renewable chemicals where appropriate, dual filtration, low decibel vacuum cleaners are also utilized where possible.
Occupant Recycling Programs
The 255 State Street Resource Management Program includes single stream recycling of mixed paper, recyclable plastics, glass, metal and cardboard. Dry cell batteries, fluorescent lamps, computers, IT equipment, furniture and print cartridges are also recycled.


Air Quality Management
In order to help sustain the comfort and well-being of the building occupants, 255 State Street is developing a new policy that will prevent indoor air quality problems resulting from construction and renovation projects. The policy will be based on the SMACNA (Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning National Contractors Association) Guidelines for recommended Control Measures in five areas: HVAC protection, source control, pathway interruption, housekeeping and scheduling.

Green Cleaning Program
The 255 State Street green cleaning program takes into account the building’s function, activities of the occupants, and specific cleaning and sanitation requirements in order to develop a service plan that minimizes risk to the environment and promotes the health and safety of staff and guests. The green cleaning program includes certified products and, where appropriate, equipment modification. The program is distinguished by professional process training, service and support.